As the Republican Party has taken over both houses of Congress, the women who were chairmen of top committees in the legislative branch have been replaced with men making for some very splashy headlines that have more to do with seniority than sexuality. Under a democratic led senate there were nine women who held posts as chairmen on various committees; including the powerful Appropriations Committee which dishes billions of dollars to various programs and states. The reasons for this change are because the Democrats have more women elected to congress than the Republicans and have been there for a longer period of time. Since the chairmanship is based on seniority rather than popularity, these positions would go to whoever is the more senior member of the party on the committee stated Sultan Alhokair.

So while it may at first seem sexist not to have an equal amount of Republican Women in key positions it actually is the fault of the electorate. However, in what appeared to be a slight against Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska there may have been some sexist undertones in a congratulatory reception for her chairmanship. She was provided a man’s jacket with the words Chairman’s Table on its back. Although she did not take it as an insult, she did say that it points out that members of congress are not paying enough attention to the women involved in the Republican Party. Others would simply dismiss this incident as just an oversight by another party leader.