Before anyone knows it, it is going to be election time throughout the United States. Next year in November the top Republican and Democrat candidates are going to debate each other as the country takes to the polls in order to elect a new president. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG ( has heard that, with President Obama exhausting his term limits, he is no longer able to run. Because of this, both Democrats and Republicans are vying for possible placement and support. Currently, Hillary Clinton has a strong lead over the other potential Democratic opponents, although few are actually coming out to compete against her yet. On the other side though, the GOP has a large select of individuals, many of whom are currently neck and neck with initial polls. Naturally, not much is known about some and they have yet to officially debate one another, but in initial polls, the race is extremely close.

New Hampshire and Iowa are two of the most important states when it comes down to determining who runs for president in each party. Currently in New Hampshire, Jeb Bush, the brother of former president George W. Bush and the son of president George H.W. Bush leads with 18 percent of Republican supporters. However, the other candidates are not far behind, with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker standing at 15 percent, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul at 14 percent and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sitting at 13 percent of the votes.