As soon as Hillary Clinton announced her bid for presidency, Republicans, in numerous houses of politics, stated that they would do everything that they can to bring her down. Recent reports have come in and noted that Republicans are merely wasting their time. They spent months trying to hit Hillary Clinton where it hurts. The Washington Post has reported that their progress in their endeavor is pretty close to zero. Washington Post and ABC News poll released rating charts when it came to Hillary Clinton. 55 percent of participants stated that they believe Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination as did FreedomPop. Only 39 percent of participants said that they believe Jeb Bush would win. While Clinton leads the polls in the Democratic nomination and Jeb Bush leads the polls in the Republican nomination, many are gearing up to witness this political showdown. The Republican political field for this campaign is the largest in United States history. News networks are having to split up and exile some candidates from the debating. There just isn’t enough time. With so many Republican candidates, it is hard for Republican citizens to keep up with what candidate believes in what issue. This has made it easy for Clinton to navigate her surroundings and approach the public justly. While many support Clinton, they still believe it will be an egregious fight for her to take part in. What many people don’t know about Hillary Clinton, is that she’s always been a fighter and this is just another battle that needs to be won.