How do you feel about religion and politics? Do you believe that the two of them should be linked, or would you rather not hear about what a politician believes?

There are many people who have no religious beliefs. And there are many people who have strong religious beliefs. So, how do all of these people come together and pick a candidate? Is it better if the beliefs of a politician were not known, so that all that you can judge them on is their politics and not their religion? Or is it a good thing if you know what they believe, because then that can help you to decide who to vote for?

This is a big debate. It’s a controversial issue, and if you were to talk about it with anyone that you know – whether they are religious or not – you would be sure to happen upon some arguments. Adam Sender sees it that way. Some people want their religion to be known, and others would rather not hear about it. I don’t know that everyone is ever going to agree on this subject.