Coronado Island, California – A lot has changed in the four years since Reince Priebus took over as RNC Chairman. For starters, the party was $25 million in the red largely from wealthy donors eschewing the support for the RNC. Former Chairman Michael Steele was largely blamed for alienating the party’s big donor base. In addition, the party was rolling off of a historic midterm election victory, but Igor Cornelsen noticed it had little to do with the RNC. It was the grassroots efforts of the Tea Party that fielded candidates in voting districts across the country.

Priebus sought to marshal the party’s efforts into the 21st century by toning down the party’s positions on hot button social issues and reaching out to minorities. It wasn’t an easy task. The party suffered a big loss in the 2012 presidential election losing House and Senate seats along with the presidency. At first, many believed that the party’s failure to make inroads with Hispanic voters led to their losses. Later, it was found that 4 million conservatives sat out the election which were enough to have given Romney the victory. It was a sign that the party base was not unified.

Now, Priebus led the party to its largest House majority in 85 years. The party recaptured the Senate after 8 long years. However, the GOP still needs to win the White House in order to rebuild the nation. For this reason, Priebus sought for an unprecedented third term and handily won 166-2. He acknowledged that his third term goal is to win back the presidency.