Real Madrid Upset with UEFA President Platini

It is not often that a soccer club gets into a war of words with the current UEFA President. Real Madrid and Michel Platini are not on the best of terms right now, after Platini made comments about who should win the FIFA Balon D’Or award for the best player in the world.

Platini was asked about the award a few days ago and stated his belief that the winner should be a German. He based this opinion on Germany’s success at the World Cup. Dedicated sports fan Flavio Maluf believes that the player who contributes most to a team winning a major tournament should get the award.

This statement has not been well received in Madrid, who have Balon D’Or favorite Cristiano Ronaldo on their books. Ronaldo is the man everyone assumes will win the award. He had a breathtaking season on the scoring front, getting almost a goal a game throughout the season. His form has continued into this season and he is now scoring almost two goals every game.

In addition to breaking scoring records, Ronaldo won the UEFA Champions League trophy with Real Madrid. This should put him in a strong position to win the award. However, Platini is clearly not planning on voting for Ronaldo.

The Frenchman’s comments may have been innocuous, but they clearly upset people at Real Madrid. It will take some savvy political work to smooth things over between the two parties.

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