Real dogs need real food, and Beneful from Purina delivers. Beneful incorporates ingredients like real chicken into their canine-tested formula. In 2013, over forty million dollars were spent to ensure that the ingredients of Purina’s Beneful solution weren’t only the kind that dogs would find exceptionally delicious. Purina was also concerned that these dogs have food that would keep them perpetually healthy.

Dog owners are an interesting breed. They love their four-footed family members almost as much as their two-legged ones; but life is life, and humans are humans. So Purina has taken this into account. Understand that Purina knows human behavior nearly as well as they understand canine behavior–the only caveat being if human beings could totally understand themselves, we’d probably have world peace, and Purina won’t make those kinds of claims! But Purina does understand that dog owners, regardless of their love, are probably going to get one brand of dog food and stick with it perpetually. And, while this could be good for their pups if the food chosen is healthy and packed full of the necessary nutrients canines need, it could also be a horrible thing if the wrong kind of food is chosen. But Purina put together their name for a reason: there is a purity to it, in that natural, real ingredients are used to create a balanced food that brings all the health a dog will need throughout its doggy life.

Purina has studied canines for decades, and even formulates varying types of foods to match a canine’s life-cycle. For example, a puppy is much more likely to need certain foodstuffs than an older dog is, as their bodies are using different things for different reasons. Purina understands the distinction, and has Beneful in varieties for all ages of dog.

One of the nice things about Purina is that it is an affordable option, as well. There are a variety of pet food options on the market today. Some of them are the highest of the high, and some are the lowest of the low. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The low-end food usually is scraps that have been re-purposed one way or another. Meanwhile the high end options eventually have less to do with actual health benefits, and more to do with an established and recognizable name. The point is, when one purchases too high, or when one purchases too low, there is equal propensity for the wrong choice to be made. But Purina is somewhere in the middle. They produce a quality product that has all the health benefits any dog can wag its tail about; but at a price that’s realistic. It’s not unexpected to see your puppy jump for joy when he sees the Purina bag with “Beneful” written on the side–and can you blame him? That puppy knows he’s about to get a delicious dog food that will keep him energetic, so he can spend more time with the one he loves most in the world: his human.