We’ve all heard through the media about how tough it can be to be a caretaker, especially if those cared for are our parents. Generations of baby boomers are taking care of their parents and some are even finding themselves in need of care. Of course we all like to think that we’ll have the best of health in our later years but there is no guarantee. Scores of horror stories about living in nursing homes has spurred people on to care for their loved ones at home. However, if you can’t quit your job to take care of your loved ones, then there are options out there that you will need to research. Today there are more options as to where to place those in need of care that will fit the needs of the individual’s and your peace of mind.

Assisted living facilities can provide that type of lifestyle in our later years. One such place is The Manse on Marsh. The well reviewed community can offer independent and senior assisted living that allow you to be a valued part of the community. Through options of one bedroom, cottages and more, the resident can find themselves in comfortable, elegant surroundings. The photos on Twitter show the facilities at The Manse on Marsh also offer a variety of activities and amenities that one has probably been experiencing much of their life anyway such as horseback riding, shopping, going to the movies or dancing.

What is most important for seniors is their health and The Manse on Marsh can provide the resident with whatever level of assistance they may require. With a full time RN on staff to help coordinate care with physicians, a resident can really experience a level of confidence in his or her well being.  But like any center, they also offer several different career options for those looking to get into assisted living service.

Caring for a loved one can certainly take its toll in money, time and even one’s health. There are support groups nowadays for those who take on such a precious service. Hopefully, the future can help us realize better and easier options.