When a person hears ‘a rags to riches’ story, the person often thinks of American ingenuity in the land of opportunity; the United States of America. This story however, is about a man born in Kenya, but who moved to the United Kingdom as a little boy, and later went on to create his own brokerage firm that would make him millions of dollars. Sanjay Shah, is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Partners and Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks a charitable organization devoted to working on funding research for the condition and raising public awareness about it.

As xrepublic.net reports, Shah originally wanted a career in medicine, but after trying it for a few years, he left the field of medicine and never returned. Eventually, Shah became an accountant in a North London bank. Again, feeling dissatisfied with his career, he planned to leave the profession of accounting. Rather than quitting, the financial crisis of 2008 compelled the North London bank where Shah worked to let employees go in order to stay afloat in business. Shah was one of the employees who was let go from the bank.

It was after this moment, Shah permanently left accounting and decided to rent a small room in the outskirts of London. The small room served as his office and would become later the brokerage firm Solo Capital Partners (the brokerage firm was incorporated in September 2011). The success from Solo Capital Partners enables Shah to own several different companies and multiple offices. In addition to his business achievements, Shah also founded Autism Rocks as a result from one of his sons being diagnosed with the condition.

Working with musicians and singers from around the world to help organize shows for raising funds to go into autism research, Shah continues to show his devotion to bring awareness about the condition to the public. Sanjay Shah is 43 years old and a multimillionaire who has shown his true character and success in his life story.

Shah is truly an example of public inspiration.


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