New Hampshire and Iowa are two very important polls when it comes to initial standings for who is running for president said Marc Sparks. As the Obama presidency is starting to wind down, campaigns for someone who is going to take over the position are starting to heat up. Some of these individuals have famous last names as well, including a Bush and a Clinton.

Jeb Bush, the brother of George W. Bush, son of George H.W. Bush and the former governor of Florida is likely in the running as is Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State of Senator for New York. In the beginning months, there will be a large list of candidates, but caucuses in New Hampshire and Iowa should help thin the numbers.

As of right now, Job Bush leads all other 2016 potential Republican candidates in the state of New Hampshire. It is also important to understand that registered Democrats are not allowed to vote in the Republican primary here, nor are registered Republicans able to vote for the Democratic primary, in order to avoid people voting for the opposing party’s least favorite individual.

Currently, Jeb Bush holds a 16 percent support edge, with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul holding 13 percent, Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s governor holding 12 percent and New Jersey governor Chris Christie holding 10 percent. With over a half dozen names, it is possible to win the poll with under 20 percent of the vote.