It turns out that the perception that the American electorate was finally warming up to President Obama’s handling of the economy has proved to be as ephemeral as the lilies of the field. It was only this past March that a majority of Americans approved of the president’s job performance with 53% approving and 47% disapproving. Now, those figures have nearly reversed with 47% disapproving and 52% viewing the president’s performance unfavorably. Once more, the economy is the viewed as the most pressing issue facing the nation.

At the same time, the number of people picking the economy as the most important issue now stands at 22%. This represents a significant change from the recent midterm elections when the economy was almost the only issue of concern to voters. While the importance of the economy is declining, no other issue has risen to overtake it as the top concern. The president’s declining job approval rating was across all demographics including Democrats and African-Americans reports Flavio Maluf. However, the majority of those demographics still approve of his job performance over all.

It could be that the president’s job approval rating is a reflection of public anxiety over his looming trade deal called the Trans Pacific Partnership. Critics believe it will facilitate shipping good paying domestic jobs to overseas markets. Also, his nuclear framework with Iran has been sharply criticized by opponents. Democrats were also seen to be frustrated with health care reform almost as much as they were with the slow pace of the economic recovery.