There are more than a few people who get on youtube or just to openly criticize the President for taking a vacation. His latest vacation is to Hawaii, and people are starting to say that he should be doing more work. However, CBS reporting shows that this President actually vacations less than presidents of the past.

It has been shown that to this point in his second term, President Obama has vacationed 160 days. This is in comparison to 405 days for President Bush during the same point in his term and totals of 174 and 390 for Presidents Clinton and Reagan respectively. This means that in reality this President is not vacationing anymore than Presidents of the past. As a matter of fact, President Obama vacations less than the others.

It is important to note that on vacation or not, Presidents are able to do all of the tasks that they would normally be doing at the White House anyway. They are completely able to have access to communications with the military and all of the departments that they need to come in contact with. They are not in any way prevented from getting the information that they need to get when they need to get it.

There are few who will likely consider weighing how many vacation days the various Presidents take. They are more than likely happy to just keep complaining about whoever is in office and the lack of care that they perceive that person to possess.