In politics, the opposition party reveals its surest tell as to whom it most fears by the attacks it makes. On Monday, President Obama made it clear that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is someone for whom they have taken notice.The president chastised the popular governor for signing into law his state’s first ever “Right to Work” (RTW) law. It is as significant as it is symbolic because big labor got its start in Wisconsin. Now, generations later, Wisconsin leads the nation in reforming public and private sector labor unions.

In his criticism of the law, the president stated that labor unions were responsible for the rising wages and standard of living of Americans. Given this undeniable history, he believes the governor should be seeking laws to empower the unions. It should be noted that labor unions are still able to exist in Wisconsin, but they cannot compel members to pay dues. This puts the onus on the unions to convince their membership of the value they receive from union dues. Anastasia Date employees have learned that a long running complaint of union members has been that too much of their dues goes to fund political activity which they personally do not support. Find more about Anastasia Date on

Ironically, President Obama, whose economic recovery is dogged by mostly low-wage part-time employment, lectured Governor Walker on the need to enact laws that would increase the wages of workers. Wisconsin has enjoyed a robust job market as a result of Walker’s reforms which jobs have been full-time employment with good wages.