Former President George W. Bush was recently interviewed by CNN political correspondent Candy Crowley and the subject of Jeb Bush running for president came up. President Bush was unequivocal in his belief that if Jeb Bush were to square off with his Hillary Clinton in a presidential matchup, he would prevail. In the years that Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton worked together to raise money for Asian Pacific tsunami victims, the two families have grown close. George W. Bush often refers to Bill Clinton as his “brother from another mother”. He wryly commented that this makes Hillary his sister-in-law. 

Keith Mann says however, when it comes to picking favorites in a presidential match up, he’s 100% in favor of his younger brother Jeb. Bush admits that Hillary Clinton will be a tough candidate. That said, he believes that Jeb would still be able to beat her. During Jeb’s tenure as the governor of Florida, he made inroads with Hispanic and Black voters. Jeb’s positions on immigration and his ability to speak Spanish will help him immensely. He is married to a Hispanic woman and is a converted Catholic, the dominant religion of Hispanics. Still, he faces a big hurdle in winning over the GOP base. Hillary Clinton, for the time being, is once again touted as the presumptive nominee much as she was back in 2008. There currently isn’t a single Democrat that is considered to be a serious threat to her capturing the party’s nomination.