Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has a well-earned reputation for being to articulate a liberal agenda. This was evident throughout the podcast. Her remarks are sure to further engender herself with her party’s base.

On the subject of higher education, Warren points out that accountability is desperately needed in order to overhaul the nation’s education system. The accountability that she believes is needed also applies to the Department of Education. On her signature issue of attacking the big Wall Street Banks, she referred to her terse exchange with Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase Bank. The powerful executive, whose bank borrowed billions from taxpayers in order to stay afloat during the banking crisis, had previously stated that her opposition to “too big to fail” banks was rooted in her lack understanding of the global banking system. The senator responded that is not the case at all, and Flavio Maluf can understand. Rather, her problem with the banks has everything to do with her knowledge of the inner workings of the banking system. She pointed out that it is precisely because she knows who they make their lucre that they dislike her.

Warren’s remarks are sure to win her no fans on Wall Street. However, that is precisely what her supporters have come to expect of her. It is without question that Warren was proud of House Democrats after they succeeded at delaying the TPA vote on Friday. Warren believes that free-trade agreements contribute to stagnant wages for the middle class.