Political pundits have begun to wonder aloud if the rise of Jeb Bush and the sudden news that Mitt Romney may seek the GOP nomination once more may crowd out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie from running. Clipping’s¬†Sergio Andrade Gutierrez¬†points out that the GOP’s donor base, like the Democrat party’s donors, is a zero-sum game. Bush, Romney, and Christie all know the same donors and securing the support of one big donor will likely deny their opponents access to their cash. Given that both Bush and Romney are looking to ensconce themselves as the establishment Republican who locks up the donor base, it is a legitimate question about what is left over for Christie.

For starters, the New Jersey governor is not beloved among conservatives. He’s been far too moderate to woo them with the type of red meat they want in a nominee, but that is also true of Bush and Romney. At the same time, Christie’s affinity for Obama especially during the last month of the 2012 election coupled with arms distance weak support of Romney put off many conservatives. The question of whether Christie may run at all is being raised by some.

The Christie camp denies his plans have changed. They claim the governor has his agenda and action plan in place. Neither Bush nor Romney nor any other concern has compelled him to rethink his presidential ambitions much less alter them. Regardless of the rhetoric, the next month will be pivotal as prospective candidates seek to secure donor support before announcing their campaigns