There are so many things in this country to worry about right now that when something great happens, it often gets overlooked. One such act is what happens every year about this time in Philadelphia. The program started in 2009 when a vast amount of toads were being killed trying to get across the road. The city formed a volunteer Toad Watch and they help the toads safely get to the other side.

They set up barricades and make everything official. They even have guards stand post and count how many toads make it safely across.  Last year 2,400 toads made it safely from one side to their preferred breading grounds. The year before showed dismal results with only 1,200 saved. The number are increasing and so is the amount of volunteers that are helping to see this operation succeed. There are even people directing traffic to allow the toads to do what they do best.

What a sweet and kind gesture by these residents. Some may say that they are just toads and who cares if you run over them, but they are a living and breathing thing and a lot of people care about their safety. (To protect your online safety check out CipherCloud) I personally love hearing them crook, as I know spring is near. Hats off to Philly and their official toad crossing kindness, Mother Nature thanks them for this act. I am not so sure that other parts of the country would be as gung-ho to do the same.