Organo Gold Continues to Forge Ahead

Organo Gold has been critically acclaimed as one of the best coffee products that has been sold. This new coffee brand not only provides delicious products, but also provides health benefits that have improved the lives of millions worldwide. The founder of this company is Bernardo Chua who created a product with the intent to spread education around the world about the importance of healthy living. His unique creation of a healthy and delicious product has greatly assisted him with his mission. GoLifePro writes that Bernardo Chua decided to combine coffee with health living because it is not only consumed daily, but it is a versatile product that can be created into multiple different delicious flavors.

The secret to Organo Gold’s success is the use of a special Chinese herb called Ganoderma. Ganoderma has been used in ancient Eastern medicine for thousands of years and has been known to cure many common illnesses. Some of the health benefits provided by Ganoderma includes weight loss, the elimination of anxiety, the promotion of sleep, as well as the strengthening of the immune system. All of this is accomplished due to the fact that Ganoderma increases the oxygen levels in the body which helps relieve any built up tension forming within the body.

With the incorporation of Ganoderma, Bernardo Chua and his team on Twitter have been able to create a delicious product that comes in many variations. Some of the products that Organo Gold sells includes coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate. The Ganoderma fungus is incorporated to the product through a natural process where it is broken down into a powder and combined with the various Organo Gold products. The combination of the two ingredients has made consumers name Organo Gold as their number one choice for coffee. Bernardo Chua and his team have created an empire around the world with the intention to continue to expand within the years to come.

With the intent for global expansion, Bernardo Chua is pleased on Facebook to announce the company’s new branch that is located in Turkey. This new milestone marks Organo Gold’s new access to countries in both Asia as well as in Europe. Bernardo Chua is excited to now be involved in Turkey because of the fact that Turkish coffee is known to be one of the best coffees in the world. He hopes that his products will continue to spread and that healthy living will spread with it.

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