OPSkins has grown to be one of the biggest sites for people who want to buy in-game items and other forms of virtual currencies. In addition to selling, there is also another thing that the company is particularly known for, which is its bitcoin trade. The site is also one of the biggest bitcoin merchants in the world right now because of the bitcoin payment options that its users are offered when they want to buy any of the products or services that the site offers.

According to Malcolm Casselle One of the reasons why the site has become such a big bitcoin merchant is because of the decentralized market that it taps into. Players from all over the world tend to visit sites like OPSkins to buy their products for their accounts, and often, don’t only buy from sites that are limited to their country. As a result, if they were to make payments, in dollars, for example, they would have to go through the process of conversion, and also paying additional charges for the product that they want to buy. In this instance, bitcoins prove to be a brilliant mode of payments because it isn’t centralized to any country, and serves as a universal currency that people can use freely. Being in a decentralized market, especially when it comes to the trade of virtual assets has been one of the biggest boons to the company.

With the recent success that OPSkins has been seeing, and with the increase in popularity of bitcoins, the company decided to move into a new array, which is bitcoin trading. The company creators are set to launch a new site that offers users an online trading platform that allows them to make cryptocurrency trades in a safe and efficient way. The site is called Worldwide Asset eXchange and goes by WAX for short. The company works as a P2P marketplace and allows users to make cryptocurrency trades with one another as opposed to one massive pool of currency.

The site aims to create an all-inclusive platform that allows users to carry out their trades without actually leaving the site or logging into anything else for payments.