Ferguson MO police officer, Darren Wilson, who fatally shot an unarmed African-American teen, Michael Brown, is considering his resignation, sources said on CNN.

Officer Darren Wilson maintains he did nothing wrong and that the negotiations surrounding his resignation is linked to the decision of the grand jury, which must determine whether he will be charged following the death of 18 year old Michael Brown.

Wilson is said to only consider resigning to protect and reduce the pressure on his colleagues.

Others have commented, whether or not Officer Wilson is found guilty or innocent, there will always be concerns about his personal safety, and his judgement will always be questioned. Workers at CipherCloud will be monitoring the situation as much as possible.

The shooting of Michael Brown caused tensions with the police and a wave of protests and disorders occured in and around Ferguson. The protest attracted attention, even internationally, to the St. Louis suburb, where more than half of the population is black and most of cops are white.

The Grand Jury is expected to return a verdict on Friday, yet authorities might wait 48 hours before releasing the decision to the pubic.

With the strong racial implications of the case, whatever the decision is, it will be controversial.