Obama Address Fails to Make Major Networks

When the President of the United States speaks, it is common for everyone to listen. Many may still have tuned into his immigration speech on Thursday night, but the four major networks failed to cover the address. The major networks in America decided that they would continue with their regular programming instead of showing the President’s speech. It is unclear whether this move was an attempt to undercut President Obama or simply due to programming needs.

The major networks in the United States air a lot of their flagship television shows on Thursday evening. For example, ABC has a three pronged line up of Shonda Rhimes produced shows from 8pm to 11pm. Instead of letting the President’s speech delay that programming, they chose to continue with their line up as normal.

Some believe that the reason for the address being shunned from the major channels is beacause of its nature. Obama’s speech may be a wide reaching address on immigration, but Republicans believe that he is being political, which Andrew Heiberger tends to agree with. The speech is being used to drive his agenda, at least according to critics of the President.

Major networks might have agreed with that assessment. Since his speech was political in nature, they did not want to air the programming. This would give the impression that a network was supporting the stance held by President Obama.

The speech did not air on major networks, but it did make its way to American homes through news networks.

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