About Newark CEDC
The Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC) was founded in 2007, but last year it was reorganized and re-launched as the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. It is the primary generator of economic development in Newark, the largest city in the State of New Jersey. Newark CEDC has been structured to keep businesses in town as well as increase capacities for small and minor businesses. They do not only work on growth of the existing businesses, but also attract new ones to Newark, which is its sole client. They encourage real estate development of the 20 neighborhoods this city has, all of which are very diverse, and they believe that every city ward is a promising option for economic and community development. An economic development director has been appointed to each ward in order to provide coordination and expertise in project management. They do this in order to ensure the highest possible return on investment for both future and current residents.

Services and Focus
Newark CEDC collaborates with the Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development because they share a mutual interest – to start and spur development activities. This way, they can create jobs, grow the economy and produce wealth for the inhabitants of Newark. They also work with companies which are interested in expanding or relocating their productions in order to bring them to Newark. They do that by guiding them every step of the way by assisting with location decisions and permit applications. That includes demographic analysis, economic indicators, workforce information, buildings and sites available, as well as any other information relevant to their business location decisions.

Newark CEDC’s New Leader Kevin Seawright

For over 13 years, Seawright has used his financial expertise to improve communities on the East Coast. His experience stems from financial management of local government agencies. He worked his way up and broadened his area of expertise by working in the fields of government, education and real estate. Now, with his experience in accounting, operations, and diverse capital management he does seem as a natural choice for the tasks that Newark CEDC has to face. His strategic vision, combined with the ability to achieve goals and command new opportunities, will surely prove to be the deciding factor for Newark CEDC’s future success. Mr. Seawright is very much involved in his community as he was the coach of the local youth sports teams and an advisory board member for the Babe Ruth Museum. He has been a member of the American Society for Public Administration, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, and the National Association of Black Accountants. Only a person with such wide area of knowledge and a sense of community can run a corporation that looks to create benefit for the entire community like Newark CEDC does.