The New York Times has an editorial on its website by writer Gail Collins blasting Indiana’s controversial new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Indiana Republicans who passed the law say that it is about protecting religious freedom, but opponents like Collins say it is about discrimination against homosexuals plain and simple.

The ramifications of the new act aren’t entirely clear yet, but it appears that it would allow business owners to refuse service to individuals if they felt that doing so would violate their own religious beliefs. So, for example, a hotel could refuse service to a gay couple if the owners thought homosexuality is morally wrong.

What is clear is that the act is hurting the Indiana business community stated Handy. A number of conferences and events in Indianapolis have been cancelled already. The NCAA is based in Indiana, and if they relocated to another state – which there is talk of – it would be a very big deal.

Collins points out that Indiana’s governor Mike Pence is in the bad position of trying to please both the business community and also the conservative lawmakers who got the act passed. I’m not sure that is going to be possible. He needs to pick a side and fight for it. A compromise on this issue is not going to make anyone happy.