Living a life of concrete, marble, asphalt, and gargoyles, New York City living can be devoid of simple natural beauty that abounds in almost all other locations from city to small town to sprawling pastoral habitats in rural America. The movers and shakers in The Big Apple can afford a penthouse view of Central Park to get their leafy green fix. However, the rest of the crowd must fork up about $500,000.00 and sometimes less to secure a home with a few oak trees in a yard on less than a quarter of an acre.

What is at a premium now is ‘private outdoor space.’ This is what the properties on Staten Island sell for. Another great area in NYC apartments for rent with garden apartments and houses with lawns and gardens are those in Jackson Heights. These properties are also going for right around $500,000 and lower. Many of these homes are built in a surrounding community with shared garden areas. For those who are house hunters in the boroughs, there may be a rare find in Queens with a private lawn or garden in the $500,000 range as well.

Town Residential is a full-service enterprise for luxury properties. They also focus on development of new properties with a team of the most accomplished architects and interior designers. Town creates brand new homes with all the amenities that the top designers have to offer. Town has many of the most preferred properties listed, from TriBeCa, Greenwich Village, SoHo, to the Financial District, to Battery Park, The Lower Eastside, Murray Hill, and Chelsea to mention a few. There is a home for every part of New York for anyone in the many varied occupations. Those who have made it in the Big Apple and those who are rising to the top with the churning of their aspirations, will all find a place to hang their hats at the end of a long hard daily grind.

Although many parts of New York City have the flavor and color of hard walls and noisy frenzied motion with the smells of labor and lunch or the buzz of the subway below, in the recent years there has been an increase in green trees and leaves such as Mayfield Marks and Park Slope. Although nature is scarce on those mean streets, still there are some very exclusive patio, balcony and garden properties to be found in the very heart of New York life. There is a home for the nature lover with the imagination to capture it.