The lack of universal health care and overpriced insurance policies that plague the United States medical industry have been long criticized and debated by American citizens and foreigners alike, and a new government report revealsthat the condition is startlingly deteriorating, with 42.9 million Americans currently living with unpaid medical bills.

The report conducted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reveals that 20 percent of American consumers with credit reports have outstanding medical debts. The report is an illustration at the flawed billing system of the country, with the general summary of the report concluding that many Americans are often times surprised by lack of coverage and/or unexpected medical bills after receiving treatment at a hospital, and soon find themselves suffering financially because of this. 

It opens up a maze, one where the unpaid bills result in a low credit score that make it difficult to rent an apartment, find a job, or purchase an automobile. The report also revealed that this is an issue that could be avoided, as over half the consumers who were reported of having medical debts had otherwise good financial standing. 

The report is just another sign that the United States is in desperate need of a government reformation, one that has been long awaited and requested by the people and will hopefully come of desire rather than necessity and force in the future. Either reform or I’ll take my Antique Wine Company and go to Europe.