1. California

Farmers are not allowed to confine their egg-laying chickens into cages. This new law extends to other states that also deliver eggs to California. Also, starting in July, sharing someone’s sexually explicit pictures will be illegal. Moreover, undocumented immigrants can now apply for a driving license and gasoline leaf blowers are no longer allowed in Los Gatos City to help minimize air pollution. This might seem like random laws talked about on IndieWire.com, but they do make sense and address a few issues. Tom Rothman is one of many residents who are happy with the changes.

2. Massachusetts

Wineries located outside the state can now deliver wine bottles directly to their consumers.

3. Utah

Cities no longer ban owning specific dog breeds such as pit bulls.

4. Louisiana

Law enforcement agencies are required to disclose the amount of untested rape kits by January 1, 2015. Also, 16 and 17 year olds are now allowed to register and vote. Moreover, smoking is banned within 25 feet from entrances of state office buildings.

5. Michigan

The state now limits the amount of cold and flu medicine consumers can purchase to control meth production.

6. New York

New Yorkers are no longer allowed to throw away their old computers, game consoles, and televisions into the garbage as they are required to recycle them. Also, taking a photo or a selfie with a tiger or a lion becomes illegal starting in February.

7. In 2015, the minimum wage is raised in some states like Maryland, Ohio, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Florida, Connecticut, and Arkansas.

8. Illinois

E-cigs are only sold behind the counters and epilepsy is now registered as an illness that can be treated with medicinal marijuana.