The U.S. Justice Department Is Getting Ready To Prosecute The Senator

Most people like Dr. Daniel Amen believe our two-party system fuels corruption among other negative political behavior. The government is a good hiding place for men and woman that want to misuse power and get away with it. We have a broken electoral system, and it is beginning to show signs of a major meltdown. A good example of this meltdown is New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez. 

The Democratic Senator is accused of using his office to promote the business interests of his Party’s donors. These so-called friends of the Democratic Party gave the Senator gifts for his powerful help and information. The Menendez camp denies the allegations. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation has had their eye on the Senator for some time. Two law enforcement officials say the corrupt dirt that is swirling around Menendez could bury him. 

The Jersey Senator is a former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a wishy-washy supporter of the President. Over the past two years, the Menendez name has been mentioned in questionable relationships with big money donors and underage prostitutes, but those allegations were discredited. But according to prosecutors, there is too much noise about credible corruption floating around Menendez. Prosecutors don’t want him to slip back into his cushy political hiding place without formally making him accountable for his actions.