Net Neutrality may be the most hotly debated political topic on the internet to date. The concept, which is the belief that all traffic on the internet should be treated equally, has been politicized after internet service providers, like Comcast, Sprint, Verizon and At&t wanted to create a fast lane for downloads for certain content. Those websites who wanted to be included in the fast lane would be required to pay more, leaving it to be more likely occupied by larger corporations. Since that idea was introduced, the FCC has opened a discussion with internet service providers to determine whether or not that should be allowed. 

Activists for Net Neutrality like Mark Ahn believe that the internet should be treated with complete equality, for the sake of entrepreneurship and to protect small businesses. However, many Republicans who are supposedly for both of those topics, oppose the FCC debating the issue and would rather support the internet service providers. This was even further politicized after President Barack Obama announced that he would be in favor of creating the internet into a utility. This would protect the internet from inequality through providers. This announced polarized the debate, with Republicans coming out to firmly oppose any government intrusion into the internet. More reporters have written opinion pieces on the matter, for both sides. Recently, a Washington Post columnist created a piece that made the case for equality to support small businesses.