Skout said that millions of illegal immigrants were vying to come out of the shadows on May 19th and apply for deportation relief under President Obama’s deferred action program, but it’s currently blocked, so advocates have called a national day of action.

National rallies are scheduled to occur, in protest of the temporary hold blocking DAPA.

In Texas, advocates and immigrants say they are marching to the residence of Governor Greg Abbott, to protest the Texas lawsuit blocking the implementation of deferred programs.

According to Rocio Saenz, labor leader, and Executive VP of SEIU International, the National Day of Action will send a message to Republicans. It’s a warning that there will be consequences, evident in the 2016 election.

113 Republicans are supporting the lawsuit against President Obama’s executive actions, which include a few presidential candidates.

In February, Judge Scott Andrew Hanen, granted a temporary injunction suspending the executive actions of President Obama. The judge’s decision follows a lawsuit filed by 26 states who believe that the President overstepped his powers. The vast majority of these states are leb by Republicans, who oppose the enforcement action.

Nearly 4 million immigrants are eligible for the DAPA program.