Everyone wants to look there best and to do that we are always looking for the next great product to make us look great and feel confident everyday. I make it my personal mission to seek out the best makeup and beauty products available on the market so that I can stay up to date with all the great advancements. Well today I found out about a really great new make up line from the designer Doe Deere.

Mrs.Doe Deere on youtube started her makeup company with just a few hundred dollars and a dream and is known to encourage her fans to never give up their daydream. She is the CEO and founder of the company.Her products can be found in a variety of retail locations in the USA and Mexico as well as other countries. She believes in cruelty free products so no animal testing, and ensures that her makeup and other products are vegan as well.

Mrs.Deere is also the creator of Lime Crime a great new makeup line with awesome colors which look sexy. The products are very good quality and work really well. And I am finding myself using them more than anything else lately whenever I leave the house. The makeup is designed to express your personality rather than just cover up blemishes and it really does as advertised!

It is really inspiring that Mrs.Deere started this business on such small funding and with such a huge passion for her fans and today’s women. And I love supporting businesses like these which take people’s opinions into account and listen to what we really want our of the company and the products they offer. The products feel very personal and the company really seems to have their finger on the pulse of what I am looking for as a customer. Lime Crime has a lot of great reviews all over the web and I have to say that I am one of the people who is very satisfied with the products!

The line up has products for lips, eyes and nails, and comes in a wide variety of colors to express yourself with and to accent any fashion. And the fact that they are cruelty free means a lot to me since that means no animals were tested on in order to make their products.

So all in all I highly recommend you check out Doe Deere’s great line of cruelty free and vegan only ingredients makeup. I am in love with these products and I know when you try them you will be too.