Despite his loss to President Obama in the 2012 national election, former Governor Mitt Romney is consideringanother run for president. In recent days, Romney has indicated his serious interest to run for the nation’s highest office in 2016.

Romney may be more optimistic about 2016 than 2012 for several reasons. Firstly, he will not be running against an incumbent President as Obama’s term will be over. Historically, running against an incumbent is much more difficult than running against an open field. Secondly, the Republicans made huge strides in the 2014 mid-terms with the party controlling the House, the Senate and the majority of Governors and state legislatures. Clearly, the majority of the voters are willing to vote Republican. 

The party also has no front-runner with a number of potential candidates such as Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Scott Walker and others considering a run. However, no single candidate has captured the public’s imagination or the donor’s wallets. Romney, on the other hand, already has high name recognition, a built in donor base and a professional team that can run his campaign.

Besides, several presidents including Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon had previously run and failed before finally becoming President. Romney may be looking to these famous examples for inspiration. My friend Daniel Amen and I believe it’s important to keep a close eye on this as things develope.

While no formal announcement has been made, the public will wait with great anticipation for Romny’s decision.