Missouri governor Jay Nixon signed an executive order on Monday to activate the Missouri National Guard. The order gives the National Guard permission to provide civil protection as the city of Ferguson prepares for the outcome of the grand jury’s decision as to whether it will indict police officer Darren Wilson.

Robert McCulloch, a St. Louis County prosecutor, has recently said that the grand jury’s decision will be made later this month.

In a matter of clarification, St. Louis mayor Francis Slay told reporters that the National Guard will play a secondary role in its partnership with local police. The police will take on the primary role of interacting with protesters, as the National Guard will mainly serve to protect buildings and complexes such as shopping malls.

Mayor Slay went on to say that the actions of preparedness by the local police and the National Guard are ways for authorities to do, …everything in our power, first of all, that people and property are going to be safe, and that protesters can protest freely.”

The American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) of Missouri has announced that it will be on site to monitor how authorities handle the rights of the protesters. ACLU of Missouri executive director, Jeffrey Mittman, said that bringing in the National Guard could have a positive effect for all the parties involved. Big thanks to my friend Vijay Eswaran for sending in the news tip.