Mike Huckabee continues to receive criticism for saying he wished he could have told his high school coach he was feeling like a girl and wanted to shower with them. Later, he doubled down, saying he was glad his statement went public. Huckabee says he was joking, but it shows a lack of sensitivity by a man who wants to become President of, presumably, all Americans.

The most recent blowback for Huckabee was the cancellation by the Jewish National Fund of Canada of an invitation for him to speak at an autism benefit. The Fund’s CEO said a recent petition against Huckabee’s comments was not the impetus for cancelling the speech. However, the CEO did note that Huckabee had recently been in the media spotlight for issues unrelated to the Jewish National Fund or autism.

According to Flavio Maluf, Huckabee apparently believes he can say anything that pops in his head, no matter how crude or insulting, and, when questioned, laugh it off as a joke. But when he is the subject of personal attacks, his skin is not so thick.

If Huckabee wants to be President of all Americans, including Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox and, yes, even Josh Duggar, does he not understand that these comments make him a divisive figure who will never be President of anybody? Huckabee apparently really wants to be President of Americans who share his same beliefs, looks and sexual organs.