It’s doubtful whenever Minnesota is mentioned people will think about beautiful churches. But the fact is, Minnesota can boast of some very beautiful churches, some even dating back to the 19th century. The following are some examples.
The Church of the Holy Communion, St. Peter.

St.Peter is located near the town of Mankato which belongs to the Minnesota River Valley and boasts of some very beautiful architecture of its own. Therefore, it’s not surprising it is not only home to one of the oldest churches in Minnesota, but one of the most beautiful as well. Built not long after the Civil War, in 1869, The Church of the Holy Communion is built in the Gothic Style A-frame and the material used was limestone. The door is red which is typical Gothic Style.
Church of St. Columbia, St. Paul
This church looks surprisingly modern for a building that was erected nearly 70 years ago. Located in St. Paul, it showcases an interesting mix of French Norman and Art Deco style. If it were not for the windows that are cross shaped, you would perhaps not recognize it at first as a church building. The interior is also quite amazing. The building itself is square in shape with a round steeple on the side. This church is a Catholic church and the parish was established nearly a hundred years ago.
First Unitarian Church, Duluth
This church was built originally as a Unitarian church but is used by Quackers. What makes this church interesting is its small size. The architecture is influenced mostly by the Tudor style, built by locally mined black granite. What makes the architecture unique is the turret which gives is a castle like appearance. The church was built over a hundred years ago.
Mighty Fortress Church
Mighty Fortress Church was founded by Bishop T.R Williams, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The church was established by Bishop Williams so that sincere and earnest people can go to a place and learn about Christ and his teachings, in a modern and practical context. The church has been purposefully created so that like-minded people can practice their faith in a friendly atmosphere.

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