Medicare private health plans, or Medicare advantage plans, are used by roughly 33% of Medicare recipients. These plans serve to offer extra coverage for things like vision, dental, hearing and/or health and wellness plans. The advantage plans will often have some form of Medicare D, prescription drug coverage, that will give a better benefit than just Part D by itself. There are premiums to be paid with advantage plans to private companies that Medicare has approved, and Medicare pays these companies to administer your benefits.

Advantage plans provide all of Medicare A, which is hospital insurance, and all of Part B, which is medical insurance. Advantage plans should not be confused with Medigap plans, however. Medicare Advantage plans come in several different types, and there are also Special Needs Plans (SNP) for those with chronic health conditions, and who are perhaps living in nursing homes or other institutionalized settings.

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There are also Medicare Savings Account (MSA) plans, and these serve to combine a bank account with a high-deductible health plan. These plans don’t generally offer prescription coverage, however. How these work is Medicare deposits funds into the account once a month, and you can use those funds, which are usually less than the deductible, to pay premiums. All of these plans must include a limit on out-of-pocket expenses for both A&B services, but these limits tend to be high.

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Different plans have different rules for how and where you can get coverage, and each company may have different rules. It is absolutely imperative to have a list of your needs, and issues you might foresee, and then doing a lot of research on Advantage plans to find out what is best for you. Everyone that has Parts A & B Medicare coverage, and live in the plan’s service area are eligible to join an Advantage plan. These plans must cover all services that Medicare A&B cover, except hospice care. That said, original Medicare covers hospice care even if you have an Advantage plan.

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Innovacare Health is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage plans, is an example of a company that both provides the plans, but that which also fully embraces technology while keeping costs in perspective. They are also one of the companies that provide Advantage plans to residents of Puerto Rico. The overall sentiment at InnovaCare is that strong relationships lead to outcomes with maximum benefits to both providers and patients according to Rick Shinto. It is all about building good relationships at InnovaCare.

Everything InnovaCare Health does is focused on patient-provider relationships, and how to make these stronger and better for all parties. Their motto is “patients come first,” and quality medical care is the ultimate goal, and that which drives their everyday business model. Transparency, sustainability and quality are the underlying tenets InnovaCare feels makes healthcare management work best according to Penelope Kokkinides . The most impact is made through pursuing a clear vision to this end, and always working to find solutions to the toughest challenges they face. This makes InnovaCare one of the leading providers of Advantage plans in the country.

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