Medical Marijuana and the next Florida Governor

With several key issues on the agenda, medical marijuana may possibly be a deciding factor. Current Republican Governor Rick Scott and his leading opponent, Democrat Charlie Crist, are at odds on Amendment 2 as well as most other issues.
With Crist in favor of the amendment and Scott opposing, Florida Democrats are quietly hopeful that having this plan on the ballot will motivate those voters who wouldn’t normally vote during a midterm election, to head out to the polls.

While earlier this year Scott legalized Charlotte’s Web, a single strain of low-potency medical marijuana. The issue with Scott according to my buddy Sultan is that he is against the broader initiative, claiming too many loopholes. A longtime supporter of Christ, Orlando-based attorney John Morgan, chairs the United for Care pro-Amendment 2 campaign and urges voters to pass the amendment.
No one can say without a doubt whether or not support of Amendment 2 will have an impact on who voters elect as the new governor. But with the good it can do for patients suffering certain health issues and the revenue potential for the state, it can only be a positive beginning to a long past due issue. We can only hope that it will pass.

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  1. Greg Brownfield

    January 29, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    Needing 60 percent approval to pass, Democrats and younger voters have shown more support for the amendment than have the Republicans and older voters. This year’s midterm race for the next Florida governor is a tight one. That is why I need them to write my essays for me and also to ensure that nothing happens to them too.

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