Media outlets are salivating over the possibility of a potential Romney-Bush fight in the upcoming GOP presidential primary. Such a battle between two political heavyweights would be the source of countless news stories. In recent weeks, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has been steadily nudging donors to consider his presidential candidacy. While he has yet to formally declare his campaign, he wants big party donors to acknowledge him as the establishment candidate. This would entitle him to substantial political funding through the primary and general election should he win the nomination.

However, Bush’s well-laid plans were dealt a big blow on Friday when former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney told a gathering of 30 of his top donors that he is giving serious consideration to a 2016 presidential run. He gave his donors permission to spread the word that he may run once more. Invariably, this would put the brakes on a significant amount of big party donors who have been reluctant to support Bush until Romney made his intentions clear.

Romney has developed strong ties with the party’s donor base following his two prior presidential runs. Aids are also wanting him to assemble video footage of his criticisms against the Obama administration from 2008 and 2012. In light of recent economic, political, and national security events, the footage casts Romney as being nothing short of prophetic. Rumors are also swirling that Romney holds a grudge against Bush for not endorsing him during the 2012 Florida primary. Voters are in for an interesting 2016 election season, friends interested in politics like Dave and Brit Morin are going to love this!