Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the man behind MB2 Dental which he sought to improve the dental industry with. Dr. Villanueva did his research after a while being on the field and knew what it had to take him to do without compromising the profession he cares and loves.

He recognized that other dental practitioners like him needed assistance that was to be special hence making him come up with MB2 Dental. Dr. Villanova’s MB2 Dental has since had a number of practitioners seeking his services. His firm has spread all over the country and this is seen as he has been able to support practitioners along 70 or more locations across six states with 533 employees and members of staff who seek to continue the trend of excellence that the founder has always believed and stood for.

Unlike other ordinary dental practice management networks which compare to traditional dental practices, Dr. Villanueva founded MB2 Dental in order to come up with new ideas in the industry that focused mostly on more than just profit bargains. He built MB2 so that dentists all over the country could feel like they own a firm where they mainly had their focus on personal growth, autonomy, support and having fun together with other dentists. The dental firms owned by Dr. Villanueva helps practitioners make improvements on patients who are their patron. Such innovations by MB2 promote improved standards of operation which normally makes practitioners happy hence facilitating healthy organic business growth.

Dr. Villanueva in an interview said his main idea came out of the need to create a model where he puts patients first and enough doctors to handle them. He said that after graduating most dentists had two options which were to either join a large group or start their own private practice. His MB2 idea also came out of the need to start a firm where practitioners and dentist would get the best out of the two worlds. Dr. Villanueva mostly is surrounded by smart, creative and outspoken people around him. This helps him to learn more and new things every day, as he seeks to bring more ideas to life. Collaboration is also seen as his plan to make sure the ideas are out and gets the best out of the practitioners.

MB2 Dental is seen to be proud of the fact that the experts normally helps dentists has managed to help them overcome challenges they may face in their work field. The firm has always made progress and all the practice trends are in line with standards required by any dentist. Finally, the good work by Dr.Villanueva has helped nurture young and an advanced technology able to provide and deal with the upcoming markets.