Marcio Alaor is the vice president of one of the leading banks in Brazil, Banco BMG. The bank has over eighty percent dominance in Brazil with over three thousand point of sales and over five thousand agents in the region the bank specializes in affordable credit to Brazilians. The bank was founded in the 1930s as Land credit bank which helped peasant farmers in financing heavy commercial trucks and small cars. BMG has grown to become one of the most reputable commercial banks under the leadership of Marcio Alaor and Ricardo Guimaraes as the president and CEO of BMG. As a general overseer of the company’s operations, he has earned accolades such as the best top entrepreneur in Brazil in the financial matters sometimes back among other awards.


Marcio Alaor has a record of being the first business executive to be born in San Antonio de Monte. He is endeared to people of Brazil because of his generous nature of assisting the local people and companies. His enthusiasm for giving back to the society. He is a pioneer of various rural development projects, especially in agriculture. He is an inspiration to many students, farmers, and investors who seek consultancy from him while making possible decisions. Despite the fact that Brazil has unfavorable climate and limited space for agriculture, Marcio has turned things around, and the region is becoming one of the largest producers of milk in a province.


His experience of ten years in BGM has made him a crucial resource for achieving goals of the bank and in promoting the bank’s operations and investment strategies. His economic analysis prowess has also been recognized by investors. His speculations are second to none when it comes to matters stock market. In a recent automobile stock market hitches, Marcio unmasked the situation and as an economic analyst, he preferred taking a risk in automobile stocks.


Marcio also believes in economies that embrace manufacturing and mining. In an example of the Australian economy in 2008. During this year, there was the major economic crisis that was felt global. However, Australia was the only country that showed economic stability. Australia mainly deals with exporting consumer products rather than relying on domestic consumption or imports. It balance of payment remained stable. It exports products such as aluminum, iron wheat among others.


Under his tenure and as the leader of business operations, BMG has intentions to partner with Itau. The partnership is aimed at increasing the bank’s portfolio on payroll loans. According to Marcio, Itau provides options that showed an excellent future revenue with fewer costs incurred. Both banks have a significant payroll loans client base and hence can do a profitable business.