Netflix, the streaming video service provider, is making moves to accelerate its growth in the year 2016. The company is quickly extending its video on demand streaming service to more countries around the world which has already started since the new year began. In a short period of time, the company has nearly doubled its coverage area and more expansion is anticipated in the coming months. Netflix is counting on customers to remain loyal to its brand which is a big part of the companies growth expectations.

Marcio Alaor, of Banco BMG reports that Netfilx is now servicing more than 130 countries in total. This is more than double the amount of countries than Netflix offered its services in the year 2015. The expansion of video streaming services to other countries is possible but the United States has been reluctant to allow the video company to operate in some countries such as North Korea and Crimea because of political reasons. Netflix wants to enter the Chinese market in the year 2016, reports Marcio Alaor, but this may not be allowed either.

Netflix thinks that its subscriber base will grow significantly in India because of the countries large population size. India is a great new market for the company. In India, there is already a strong movie and film entertainment industry. The infrastructure and talent is already there. Netflix will look to work with local talent to produce films, according to Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG. The company then plans to show Bollywood inspired films globally and to the local market. However, India is notorious for movie piracy. This could limit Netflix growth in the country if people choose not to pay for their productions or their movies are sold illegally. This is something to pay attention as Netflix expands there.

Netflix has several program series such as “House of Cards” among others that demonstrate the company is capable of creating its own video content, notes the executive of Banco BMG. Netflix will invest in other in-house projects in 2016 with a projected budget of about 5 billion dollars, says Marcio Alaor. The company has just released a full length movie about the civil war.

Marcio Alaor is a top bank executive at BMG Bank. BMG is one of the leading banks in Brazil. BMG is a sponsor of 36 professional soccer teams which wear the banks logo on their uniforms.

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