A food court named Marcio Loaur was opened at the 33rd agricultural exhibition in Santo Antonio do Monte.It was named in honour of BMG executive Marcio Alour.He is the banks current vice president and has been with the bank for many years. The naming was the second honour for the man from the town residents. He recently had a town plate engraved his name thanks to his entrepreneurial abilities.


The ceremony was attended by most senior town people including the mayor. His friend DR Willmar Father was also present and was full of praise for Marcio Alaor.Wilmar is the person who we can thank most for Marcio.She remembered the obedient boy who used to shine his shoes before he grew to become who he had become in a few years. She knew how badly he needed the money and how important it was for him. Today he is a testament to the power of hard work and is one of the businessmen in Brazil.


Marcio was excited to be rewarded. It emphasized the services he has provided for the city. During an interview with the Journal of Santo Antonio do Monte, Marcio stressed the importance of communicating and putting friendships first. He said that bonds, especially those one builds in the city should be put ahead of money.


Marcio Alour has always appreciated his origin. It is his dream to help the local community in any way he can when he can. The food court was his initiative, and it is expected to help many grow.


Marcio was also euphoric that he was honored during his time alive. Sometimes many are honored after death. It’s just how things work all over the world. His reaction indeed does underscore a local magazine calling him a benchmark for humility.


The president of the rural union was also present during the award ceremony. He congratulated him for helping the city without expecting anything in return.


Marcio ALour works for one of the biggest banks in Brazil. Despite the recent crunch in Brazil, the banks have shown very encouraging results. It recently merged with Banco Itau to form BMG Itau Payroll. The new outfit is expected to bridge the demand for personal credit in Brazil.


BMG is an 85-year-old bank based in Bero Horizonte in Brazil. It has traditionally served miners in the area but recently entered the Consigned credit market.


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