As witnessed by hidden riders in the recent budget bill, there are too many in the Republican party who fail to uphold the free-market economics that they would have voters believe they support. While Democrats support government control over the economy to a much greater degree, on average, than do Republicans, it is sad to say that many Republicans go only half way with capitalist policies.

The recent budget bill freed up banks to gamble with tax-payer insured money on Wall Street. It also greatly increased the amount of money that can be given directly to the two big parties during campaign season while keeping the limits for other political organizations capped at a puny $10,000. Many like Dave and Brit Morin feel like this is a good move.

In the past, both Republicans and Democrats have used public funds to bail out banks, auto manufacturers, and more. Instead of creating a fair playing field in which all can compete, heavy regulations are used to cripple small businesses who can’t absorb the regulatory costs like big businesses can. Instead of letting companies succeed or fail on their own merits, the federal government props up corporations deemed “too big to fail” while not lifting a finger to rescue small businesses.

Democrats are ever pushing us “on toward socialism;” Republicans are content with a mixed system. Only conservative Republicans, who probably make up less than a third of that party’s representatives, seek to return America to a fully free economy.