Madison Street Capital is a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm and its location is presented in the video on The video gives an introduction to this firm, that is located in the finance industry and based in Chicago, IL.

Headquarters of Madison Street Capital are located in Chicago, IL and it is active in corporate finance and also philanthropy, such as helping the United Way in its relief efforts. It helped out in the gulf coast, Midwest and East Coast. It was founded in 2005 and helps out with investment banking. Madison Street Capital great for lending to business and can help them out and can help with lending or an exit strategy. It believes in building strong business and communities throughout the United States.

Madison Street Capital’s main services are corporate advisory, financial restructuring, bankruptcy, reorganizations and the like. It also does valuation for financial reporting on
The company also does tax valuation among other things and can help businesses. It is a great service. Madison Street Capital provides full services for business and financial services. Madison Street Capital has won international Mergers and Acquisition awards and its partners have spoken at key events. Also it has worked on and advised on some large transactions, such as a credit facility this year.

Madison Street Capital also prepared a 2016 outlook for Hedge Funds where it looked at market in Hedge Fund mergers and acquisitions. It said that Hedge Fund assets were at an all time high and said that institutional investors were making allocations to the alternative investment sector in hopes of making higher returns. It mentioned that managers were considering alternative investment strategies, and this was an interesting insight. It quoted Karl D’Cunha Senior Managing Director at Madison Street. It said that deals were being struck as incubator deals, revenue share stakes, P-E stakes and other deals.

Therefore Madison Street capital is generally in good position to advise on mergers and acquisition deals as wells as other types of transactions. Madison Street Capital can assist on business valuation and other services and will be a big player in the market in the future.