The Brazilian Capitals Abroad (CBE) has made it compulsory to submit an annual declaration for all the citizens holding foreign assets. These declarations are of two types, one is the annual declaration, and the other is the quarterly declaration. If anyone found guilty of non-submission of the declaration, false declaration, erroneous declaration or incomplete declaration may be heavily penalized and the fine imposed may be up to 250000 dollars. The famous Brazilian lawyer Ricardo Tosto has made it very clear to all to submit the declarations online to avoid any kinds of problems in the future. The annual declaration is mandatory on the last day of every year for individuals or the legal entities residents residing permanently in Brazil who are in possession of any sorts of foreign assets that add up to a total of greater than or equal to a hundred thousand US dollars. The quarterly declaration is to be made by the permanent residents of the country possessing any assets abroad adding to a sum of greater than or equal to a hundred million US dollars.

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