The Brazilian government has announced that it is in a bid to make concessions with the National Bank of Social and Economic Development (BNDES) concerning the rampant control of the environmental resources. Edison Carlos is the President and CEO of the Trata Brazil Company. The Trata Brazil is an institution that is focused on the basic sanitation services in the country. For over three decades of professional experience working for the government, Trata Brazil Company has always lived up to their dream, of becoming better business oriented. This has been depicted through their activated business solutions that achieve the desired business goals.

Edison Carlos has given basic points about their initiative in the world of business and sanitation development courses. Edison Carlos also believes that the services provided by the organization will also go a long way in improving the assisted capabilities for better business review. Moreover, they will also work a long way in improving the resource, structural, and management areas. One of the other aspects that were raised in an interview with the CEO and president of Trata Capital was the decrease in the waste and management portal products in the industry. The interview also focused on the points raised by Felipe Jens Motoro as an infrastructure specialist based in Brazil.

Edison Carlos also pointed out that the basic sanitation process in the country takes on more than 90 percent of the services provided by electric sources of power. Moreover, 70 percent of its users in the region take on over 70 percent of the basic services in the industry. According to Edison Carlos, the presence of a private sanitation initiative in the industry is not a reason why the public should not be involved in the sanitation system. This is because the two forms of government will be working to achieve the state government bodies in a manner that depicts true market leadership.