Leading By Example: Jared Haftel’s Career Taking Off

Jared Haftel is an incredible investment banking analyst from North, carolina with an impressive start to his career. Jared started his career by first obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Duke University in Science, Mathematics and Economics in 2009. His career since his graduation has been pretty remarkable and has earned him a reputable professional standings in the process.

Before his career actually blossomed and before his amelioration into the Investment Banking Analyst professional that he is today, he did an intern at Credit Suisse in 2008, while studying at Duke. There, he would learn many valuable professional skills of his field of study that would propel him into his next position. This intern beginning, allowed him to take the high road to well established and reputable companies that would put a stamp of approval on his credit as an investment banking analyst.

Jared would later land a position at Merrill Lynch as an investment banking analyst, where he would be responsible for tracking commodities information, perusing metals, chemicals, mining and offering insight for major companies such as: CONSOLE Energy and GeoEye. He would then move on to another honorable and well credited company, Bank of America, where he would also hold a position as an Investment Banking Analyst.

Throughout his work experience, Jared has managed to counsel the web with an website article, in his regard, that advises others on the important aspects of writing an investment banking resume. Jared, has impressively put together a winning resume that has been nothing short of propitious to his career as a investment banking analyst and has allowed him the professional respects that he deserves.

In this article, you can expect Jared to talk about how crafting your resume is everything. He pin points aspects such as: how your resume is processed quickly; exaggerating, how valuable relevant work experience is and more.

Jared has made a decent career for himself and at the rate he is going, expectations of a rife award count for his professional career efforts, is due for happening. In addition to his incredible accomplishments of landing investment banking analyst positions with Merrill Lynch and its merging partner bank of America, he also has credits as an associate for Vector Capital as well.

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  1. Mckenzie Hayden

    June 23, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    He would also go on to write for the Duke Chronicle. That time would actually influence a lifelong love of music. Currently he lives there with his dog, a golden retriever mix. The fact is that assignment masters would be able to get whatever they need to do which may not be so easy after all.

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