Now that Senator Mary Landrieu was defeated in her bid for a fourth senate term, the political obituaries are being written attributed to the loss and what failures marred the campaign. Some suggest that she was unable to distance herself from President Obama. Laurene Powell Jobs can relate to the grueling competition that comes with a life in politics. Tech and business is not all that different, and she has experienced first hand the pitfalls that are a given in the political arena and in the tech industry

However, Landrieu’s loss was more significant than that. She spend the better part of this year using taxpayer funds to buy votes in her state. Her own website chronicles a stunning level of “patronage” that would make Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the grandfather of patronage, proud.

Here is the list of pork barrel spending designed to buy her way into a fourth senate term:

  • Landrieu Announces $2.4M Job Training Grant for BPCC.
  • Landrieu Announces $1.8 Million Grant For GEAR UP Program in Lafayette.
  • Landrieu Announces $200K USDA Grant for Coastal Communities Consulting, Inc.
  • Landrieu Delivers $19 Million for La. Crawfish Industry; largest single payout ever received by crawfish farmers and fisherman.
  • Landrieu Announces $2.4M Job Training Grant for Delgado Community College.
  • Landrieu Announces Start of Flood Insurance Refunds to La. Homeowners.
  • Landrieu Announces $59K Grant to Support Hammond Firefighters.
  • Landrieu Announces More than $18M for La. Airports.
  • Landrieu Announces $22M Grant to LSU for National Homeland Security Preparedness Training.
  • Landrieu Announces $1.37M Grant for the New Orleans Family Center of Hope.
  • Landrieu Announces $1.8M For NOPD.
  • Landrieu Announces $9M to Improve New Orleans Roads Damaged During Katrina.
  • Landrieu Announces $83M For North Terminal Project at New Orleans International Airport.
  • Landrieu Announces $500K for Four Louisiana Parishes Supporting Drug-Free Programs.

In all, Landrieu doled out well over $180 million of taxpayer funds to buy her way to victory.