A former professional lacrosse player and graduate of Villanova University, Jon Urbana is from the Denver, Colorado area. Currently he oversees Business Development for Ellipse USA, which is a laser systems provider company. In addition to his business efforts, Jon is also widely followed on Instagram and helps run the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Next Level is a well-known summer training program for youth lacrosse players.

After leaving the Villanova Wildcats, Jon helped his partner, Lou Braun, start Next Level Lacrosse Camp in 2011. The mission of Next Level Lacrosse Camp is to connect professional players to youth in order to help youth hone and refine their lacrosse skills.

In addition to his professional business and sports efforts, Jon’s website displays more of his interests. His blog covers lacrosse, music, and a number of other interests of his, and he’s never been a stranger to the Twitter world, with over 1,100 followers and plenty of tweets. An avid pilot in his spare time, Urbana is now a member of the FAA Airmen Certification Database.

Jon has started using his connections to support efforts such as his Crowdrise page to benefit ARAS (Animal Rescue and Adoption Society). ARAS is a local no-kill cat shelter, providing a home for cats in the Denver area. All proceeds raised will be passed on to ARAS. The charity also works to find homes for orphaned felines. Jon supports ARAS through a current Crowdrise initiative.

Jon is also a supporter and advocate of the environment. Another one of his fundraising efforts is for Earth Force. Earth Force is a charity dedicated to improving environmental problems related to health, sustainability, and water. Jon’s interest in supporting and promoting youth can be seen through Earth Force, as a chief mission is to educate young people about the environment. Earth Force’s fundraiser, hosted by Jon, can be viewed on and donations to Earth Force can be made on the site.