The world of investment banking is complex, and the first step is to find an adviser you can trust. When you start shopping for an investment banker, first know the services you need. Find out what services each banking firm offers, and what fees they charge and method of payment for their services. You want to find out if their experiences and services meet your goals, and if they are registered with the SEC. Meet your advisers face to face, and ask to see their credentials. Know the three areas of investment banking, securities, management and financial planning and which of these best fits your needs. Also, ask your potential adviser about their legal responsibility to act in your best interest. It’s important to be thorough in your research and to be armed with a solid plan before you begin your journey.

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based global investment firm specializing in middle market solutions for the corporate and private investor both small and large. The corporate financial services offered by Madison Street Capital include financial, valuation, merger and acquisition advice and opinions focused on the global emerging middle markets. A team is assigned to each client, and their goal is to take the unique situation of the client, and develop strategy and risk management to optimize that client’s potential. Emphasis is also on local markets as well and global interests. Their experience in the industry of investment banking with middle and niche markets marks them as a world leader in their field.

Madison Street Capital offers objective analysis, and the firm has a strong commitment to clients success. Integrity and service is Madison Street Capital’s mission statement. High investment returns with minimal risk is their goal for each client. They offer transparency through thorough documentation and reporting. They help both the small and large investor to navigate through the complexities of investment banking to a sound strategy that is tailored to the client’s individual needs and goals.