New Jersey’s own Kevin Seawright is one of the foremost community organizers in the entire city especially the Newark area. Mr. Seawright talks big when it comes to securing the future of the city which essentially means empowering the youth.

Education models the young people to become productive members of society. However, the modern world requires the perfect blend of knowledge and practical skills otherwise known as experience. Kevin Seawright and his networks have been shaping college students to gain expertise to serve the community and their families in future. Such initiatives take place with the blessing of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

This year, the Corporation came up with an improved Summer Youth Employment Plan in which youths can secure summer jobs within organizations in the city. The program entails six weeks of intense work with a proper remuneration mostly targeting college students. One of the primary motives behind the program was to increase college graduates to satisfy the job market. During the six weeks, attaches will receive on-job training, lessons of financial management, motivational and empowering talks as well as college life support.

Kevin Seawright was a major player in lobbying local corporate firms and entrepreneurs to support the good course. Among the biggest supporters of the program include locally owned TD Bank and Santander Bank. Already, it attracted massive publicity and enrollment in the first day of application. According to Kevin Seawright, the application process took place seamlessly through online portals and registered 350 applicants in just thirty minutes.

The successful candidates start working in early July and complete in mid-August. The Newark CEDC expressed its satisfaction at the announcement of the entire process. The financial literacy lessons received massive support since graduates need financial know-how such as checking and savings account information. Kevin Seawright is a perfect example of a graduate whose success in life can be attributed to knowledge in financial management.

Kevin Seawright has been at the heartbeat of the Newark Community Economic and Development Corporation for a long time now. Before his appointment as the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice-President, he spent his time in public administration. He has created a growing reputation of a good planner and shrewd executioner of public resources. The future looks bright for Newark City with Kevin Seawright and other forward thinkers at the helm of affairs.  His full list of credentials can be viewed on Vizualize.